About me

M S Hill Art

About me

Hi! I am a Pittsburgh-dwelling, Cancer/Gemini cusper from Vermont. I have made artwork for as long as I could hold a pencil. Aside from my commissions, the focus of my work is spiritual themes and experiences. Hands, eyes, twisting grids, rainbows- these are my attempts to engage with the infinite pursuit of visualizing a way to reconcile our bodies in this energetic sea of intangibility. I am an avid lucid dreamer and astral projector, and use these alternate states of consciousness as research methods to inspire my creations. 

As a healer, I channel source energy and guidance to remove blocks and optimize energy flow in the client’s body. My curiosity with angels, aliens, and higher beings dates back to my earliest memories. I am in the process of becoming reiki certified, and have completed level one Medical Intuitive Healing certification by the Aqueduct Institute. 

I am fascinated by sacred geometries and the wisdom of ancient civilizations, and learn as much as I can about these so I can knit my realizations together in art and writing.

I believe we are at a pivotal point in human evolution that has e v e r y t h i n g to do with expanding consciousness and accommodating higher frequency light in our physical bodies.

My dog and cat are a constant and dear source of divine energy in my home. 

Artist residencies and programs:

  • Visual Arts of Chautauqua Institution painting residency / Summer 2018
  • Visionary Art Intensive with Alex and Allyson Grey at Omega Institute / June 2018
  • Richmond College of London in Florence Italy painting / Summer 2017

Current exhibitions: 

  • Sleeping Octopus in Wilkinsburg, PA

 July 2019-present