Healing Sessions

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Healing Sessions

All healing sessions can be catered to your desired focus. The following menu is to show what could be included for each time tier 

60-minute healing session* / $120

  • Body scan 
  • Tarot card spread of choice 
  • Conversation through channel 
  • Leave with hand drawn map of notes/diagrams and any recommended tools or worksheets

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90-minute healing session* / $150

  • Includes everything in a 60-minute session, with more time allotted to preferred area of focus 

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*must be in the Pittsburgh area to book

FaceTime 60-minute healing session / $85 

  • Includes everything in a 60-minute session, with the body scan being a guided meditation opposed to hands-on healing work
  • Hand drawn map can be mailed to you through this option

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Tarot and Oracle Reading / $45

  • Cards and interpretations drawn in response to a guiding question, or to generally illuminate the present energies
  • Limited to 40 minutes 

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What is a body scan? 

By physically placing my hands on the energy centers of the body, I feel and receive information that helps identify blocks and activity in the client’s chakras. We will work to access the root of any detected blockages and move them out of the body with light work. Channeled information arises during this process for the healing of the client.

What is channeled conversation? 

I translate guidance from source energy in response to the client’s questions. I may receive images in my mind, sensations in my body, or mentally “download” concepts to understand what spirit is communicating for the highest good of the client. Source energy, angels, and guides know what needs to be acknowledged for the highest good and healing of the client. Through mutual trust of this process, I allow whatever arises to come forth for your healing, given you are open to receiving.

What would a hand drawn map look like? 

These are entirely unique for each client. If a tarot spread is included in the session, I will draw the cards’ placements and meanings, and annotate connections between them and the overarching themes that emerge. I may also be guided to draw diagrams of the body or the body’s energy, pictorial explanations of your own spiritual connections, and images that assist in further understanding what arises in the session.

What “tools” would I leave with? 

This varies per client. Tools include: energy clearing herbs like sage, palo santo, crystals, and tailored affirmations; worksheets of the following categories: inner child healing, chakra balancing, developing powerful affirmations, releasing limiting beliefs, manifestation guide, and how to body scan yourself. These may or may not resonate with the place you are at on your healing journey. I will provide what I am guided to from my own stock, and make any recommendations for additional resources.

What payment methods do you take? 

Cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp

Introductory Medical Intuitive Healing Certification and Client Disclosure